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Women are the main source of inspiration for my art. I believe in every form of feminine creativity and Illuminated Women is my artistic expression of feminine luminosity, uniqueness and strength.


I have created a dozen sculptures of illuminated women. Each one of the women is a unique and original product, a collage of different materials and variable techniques that blend into an illuminated woman’s sculpture. Each with a unique personality, name and identification, history and life story.

Each one is a colorful collection of abundant layers of items and memories that have been collected all over the world, in different time periods, throughout many years, and collectively created a unique woman which is part of the Illuminated Women collection. All the women in this collection possess good characteristics and exceptional qualities. Each radiates her hidden inner joy, while at the same time spreads around her an enchanting ambiance that pulls you towards her and makes you want to stay close by, to be present, to observe, and to sense and submerge yourself into an internal magical world of your own.

מיזם נשים מוארות

My Creative Process & Inspiration – Labor of Love and Passion

Even as a child I had a strong desire to create and keen observation was and still is the basis of my creativity. I observe my environment and perceive details and objects unnoticed by others, merge these things and emerging concepts and create from it something completely new – my own original artwork.

My work reflects this ability of mine to bring together different languages, materials, and various techniques and to generate a new and personal language of my own.

The basis of my art is total creative freedom. This is my starting point… no boundaries, no limits, and no ”right” or ”wrong”. My work is completely intuitive and authentically and genuinely reflects the artist and designer in me.

I do not restrict my art to one specific material, color, texture, or the way I fuse them together. My creative process is awakened by feelings and imagination that give birth and direct me to a concept, which in turn, drives the actual creative work. Every concept and storyline are translated into art and every interesting item becomes part of the artwork as a whole.


My Collection of Items is My Personal Story

The different materials and items in my artwork mount up to a rich collection that I have gathered, created and weaved throughout many years. Each item has been carefully reviewed and collected on my journeys to many interesting places around the world. Each item carries in it a unique personality and its own life story.

Together, this collection of items defines a single thing – myself and my story via matter, creativity and inspiration.


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על המיזם
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